Green Party of Alaska Presidential Debates

March 6, 2024

Green Party of Alaska Presidential Debates

March 6, 2024

The only actual debates permitted within the totalitarian Green Party are those organized by the Green Party of Alaska (under leadership of Josh Hadley and Robert Sheilds). The debates are the only solid debates taking place anywhere in this bread and circuses election that are the recitation of magical incantations.

Participants, Green, Independent, and Republican, gathered for this extremely rare open discussion. Unfortunately, the number of topics covered were limited. I was able to talk about the three great state crimes and the rule of the United States by private equity and private intelligence firms. That in itself was a breakthrough.

The candidates in the debate were

Wayne Pope

Emanuel Pastreich


Suzzanna Tanner

Jay Torres

Susan Bushser-Lochocki

Rollan Roberts

Brittany Jones

Jasmine Sherman

2024 Open POTUS forum Round 1 – YouTube

Emanuel Pastreich’s responses


My name is Emanuel Pastreich, born in Tennessee and originally professor of Asian studies at University of Illinois. Worried by our country’s ignorance about Asia I moved from academics to politics and I ran for president as an independent in 2020 to address the state crimes that have crippled us. Any campaign that does not demand an international investigation of the 9.11 incident, full compensation for all those injured in the covid 19 reign of terror from the corporations who planned it, and the return of all the money given to banks in quantitative easing and covid bailouts, is not a serious campaign at all.

Are you running to win the White House or platform an issue?

Our campaign is about creating a movement to organize our citizens and create again a constitutional republic in which the rule of law and civic duty support a healthy society—the White House can be one platform for such a transformation. I do not want to limit our movement to any one issue, but rather to create ties between citizens at the local level that will provide new Guards for their future security and help the citizens to rebuild our nation. No one else is authorized to do so and we will not outsource nation building to cardboard messiahs or other charlatans claiming to be either conservative or progressive.

What is the greatest single challenge facing our country today you plan to address?

The combination of secret governance with massive disinformation campaigns promoted through media, entertainment and journalism is the greatest threat we face. As a result, our nation is effectively governed by private equity, investment banks, and the strategic teams of billionaires who use private intelligence firms to bribe or intimidate anyone who might try to explain how they control our institutions and our minds.

The first step will be to take back the 40 trillion plus that they printed up at the Federal Reserve using illegal and unconstitutional quantitative easing, Covid-19 relief and bogus Pentagon spending. This was counterfeiting—a felony crime. Once those assets have been taken back, we will be in a position to launch real investigations, not comedy show trials for ratings. 

What impact would the federal legalization of cannabis have?

The pointless arrests and imprisonment of people will end and we can devote our resources elsewhere. Cannabis sales should not be, however, without any restrictions. Regarding the details of what cannabis policy should be in the future, I support deliberative democracy and recommend a transparent debate on policy—I will no doubt learn much as I have no  expertise in the topic.

What is your primary investment priority?

I do not like the term “investment” and I want global finance out of the picture. We will restructure banks so that they handle money in an accountable manner and are focused on supplying money, which is tied to real value, to individuals and to families, so that communities can build their own factories, expand their agriculture, and be completely independent from big business. Once money belongs to the people and credit is accessible to citizens from cooperative banks, young people will no longer have to search for jobs at corporations because they will be able to start their own businesses. The ownership of money and banks by the people will be the end of this insidious debt economy and debt will no longer be a weapon of the powerful used to enslave the people. 

Do you plan to address issues of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion?

Justice will be upheld through education and culture that stresses ethics and humanity, not consumption, hyped sexuality, or thrills. We will restore a legal system that is run by the people and for the people with judges promoted for their ethical qualities, not pawns of big business.

Equity will be promoted through policies that treat all citizens equally. No one in the United States will be above the law. Equality, rather than self-indulgence and narcissism, will be promoted in our society.

There will be a new emphasis on the universality of the human experience and common values that advances inclusion. Discrimination is the old tool of the rich and powerful for dividing up the working men and women. We will not be fooled and we will not stand for it.

As POTUS how would you respond to the changes in the climate and their impact on America?

The horrific impact of the changing climate, the collapse of biodiversity, the spread of microplastics and other nano-particles, and the destruction of our seas, is the top security priority for the United States. From this day forward, the vast majority of the funds now wasted on a bloated and corrupt military, much of it siphoned off by banks, will be used to address environmental challenges.

The navy will be responsible for restoring the oceans and protecting their inhabitants, the air force will protect the atmosphere, ending pollution and the dropping of chemicals to destroy our climate. The Army will be concerned with land conservation, the purity of our water, and the restoration of our topsoil.

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